I haven't blogged for a while so I'll have to do some catching up.
Our school is doing the play Aladdin Jr. and I got the part of narrator 3. I have about seven lines and a few short singing solos.
Our family has been without a dog for quite a while so I've been having some dog withdrawl. We might be getting a dog from the local sheltar very soon. She is a dalmation cross named Princess. We also might be getting a kitten so that my cat, binky, can get some exercise because she is sooooooo fat.
My realatives from Norway flew here to my dad's house for the week. They are my sixth or seventh cousins.
I finally got to open my new WII game I got for Christmas. It's called WeSki. It is really fun because you can race with your friends and do moguls and jumps. I played it with my cousins and my dad.