We had a Christmas band concert yesterday night. I had my first ever solo on Jingle Bell Rock. I was really nervous last night when all of the parents were there but I nailed it. I was even more nervous this morining when we had to preform in front of the whole school. I only messed up once but no one probably noticed cause it wasn't too bad. *CAUTION* New Moon spoiler if you haven't read it. I was shaking so much I felt like I was going to morph into a werewolf right in front of all those people!!!!

So I went to Twilight the day it came out and I had a lot of criticisms. I loved it but I was a little disappointed. Over Thanksgiving break I went and saw it again and it was SO much better than the first time. Now I'm even more obsessed than I was before. I finally got my hands on a transcription of the piano music for Bella's Lullaby and I'm going INSANE trying to learn it. I have the easy part down but now I have to start learning the bass part. :P I'm planning on making my version of Bella's bracelet, from book four, because none of the ones you can buy are right. So I'm making my own! I was also really bored in class today so I spent a whole period learning how to write in Edward's handwriting. All of my assignments from today are in "his own form of calligraphy". LOL