Leonardo Davinci TOTTALY looks like Davy Jones!!!

Leonardo DaVinci Totally Looks Like Davy Jones
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My "Lazer"

Senator McCain, austin powers, mike myers Dr. Evil
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John McCain, republican, Freaky Cat
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LOL I thought these were totally hilarious!

I went to this thing on saturday at the university. It was called discovering the scientist within. It was really fun. I went on a tour and we made cheese. YUMMMMM!!!
I also learned about DNA. A couple of my friends were there too.

My friends Amanda, Emilea, and I are going to see Twilight on the 21st and I am super duper excited!!!! I thought Amanda's aunt would say she wasn't allowed to go but she said it was Amanda's choice!!!! EEEEEEEEEEE YAYZ

So I said that I was going to do my sister's face like that for halloween, and I did! So here's how it turned out>>>