We had a Christmas band concert yesterday night. I had my first ever solo on Jingle Bell Rock. I was really nervous last night when all of the parents were there but I nailed it. I was even more nervous this morining when we had to preform in front of the whole school. I only messed up once but no one probably noticed cause it wasn't too bad. *CAUTION* New Moon spoiler if you haven't read it. I was shaking so much I felt like I was going to morph into a werewolf right in front of all those people!!!!

So I went to Twilight the day it came out and I had a lot of criticisms. I loved it but I was a little disappointed. Over Thanksgiving break I went and saw it again and it was SO much better than the first time. Now I'm even more obsessed than I was before. I finally got my hands on a transcription of the piano music for Bella's Lullaby and I'm going INSANE trying to learn it. I have the easy part down but now I have to start learning the bass part. :P I'm planning on making my version of Bella's bracelet, from book four, because none of the ones you can buy are right. So I'm making my own! I was also really bored in class today so I spent a whole period learning how to write in Edward's handwriting. All of my assignments from today are in "his own form of calligraphy". LOL

Leonardo Davinci TOTTALY looks like Davy Jones!!!

Leonardo DaVinci Totally Looks Like Davy Jones
see famous look-a-like faces

My "Lazer"

Senator McCain, austin powers, mike myers Dr. Evil
see famous look-a-like faces


John McCain, republican, Freaky Cat
see famous look-a-like faces

LOL I thought these were totally hilarious!

I went to this thing on saturday at the university. It was called discovering the scientist within. It was really fun. I went on a tour and we made cheese. YUMMMMM!!!
I also learned about DNA. A couple of my friends were there too.

My friends Amanda, Emilea, and I are going to see Twilight on the 21st and I am super duper excited!!!! I thought Amanda's aunt would say she wasn't allowed to go but she said it was Amanda's choice!!!! EEEEEEEEEEE YAYZ

So I said that I was going to do my sister's face like that for halloween, and I did! So here's how it turned out>>>

chaeck out this tottally awesome face painting video this is how im going to do my sister's face for halloween

we had a canned food drive at school this week and we were the winning class with 585 cans!!! 13 of which were mine!!!! :P

I love to do art and i hope to make money at it in the future...... If ya wanna see any of my art there is some here, Clicky

I am utterly amazed at how many people (mostly teen girls and women) have become twilight series fanatics. My cousin told me to read the book and now I'm an absolute full blown fanatic. People are saying it's the biggest series since Harry Potter! The movie comes out in 38 days!!!!! I'm so excited!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKK!
Here's a pic of the cast!!

My social studies teacher showed us this youtube video yesterday. The guy on here is absolutely amazing. I can't even describe it you just have to watch.

I'm just getting to hang of this blogging thing so it's hard to keep up........ my summer has been really boring so far. I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out on the 15th and I'm all freaked out! I'm hoping to get together with one of my friends and go down town. We were thinking of going to a pottery store, getting gelato (the best food in the world :D), and doing some window shopping.... Check back latera tee hee


It's like so hot here!!! It's almost a hundred!! My family and I were thinking of going to the beach because it's so hot and it's 59 degrees there!! That is like uber cold!! I'm confuzzled.
I'll try and blog later,